Starting the SM Journey

Congratulations…you’ve realized your dreams by starting your own business! Chances are that at this point, you have a pretty tight budget. So what do you do when you can’t afford to spend a lot to reach new customers but you need to bring in sales to continue to operate? You look into social media and social media marketing of course!

With the vast sea of social media options, it is important to create a plan or strategy in order to be an effective SM player. Identify the appropriate outlets that will reach your potential consumer base. Try not to overwhelm yourself because an unused SM account says worse things about your company’s message than not having an additional account. In other words, I’m trying to imply that you should only utilize as many SM networks as you can stay active with. It’s important to communicate with customers and really listen to what they are telling you.

You may start your SM adventure in a small way like 1 in 5 small business owners with just Facebook or LinkedIn, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Take the time to learn and grow with SM and hopefully you’ll sprout enough of a following to consider Twitter or Flickr…essentially let your SM strategy grow as your customer base does.


About jencim

I'm studying for my MS in Marketing at SNHU. This blog is a part of my social media marketing class. I hope you learn as much as I do from it!
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